Watching God at Work at Ngorika

In July of 2010, I had the privilege of visiting Ngorika Children’s Home with a team of ladies from the church I attend, as part of a short term missions trip led by missionary Mark Buhler. This trip was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! The highlight of our time in Kenya was definitely spent at Ngorika.

When I found out that we would be visiting “Ngorika Children’s Home” I had an idea in my head of what that would look like. Was I ever surprised!

The home is not a stereotypical orphanage. It is a home. The boys are all family. David and Peninah are mom and dad to all the children.

There is so much love in this home and the boys are amazing! We were spoiled while we were there.

That was hard to deal with as I remember feeling that I should be there blessing them in practical ways like painting or other chores that needed to be done, but rather we were being blessed by the family’s generosity and time.

I can remember painting and Mark pulling us away from that project to come and go on an outing with the Ngorika family… and Mark reminding me that the painting will get done at some point even if we hired a local to finish…that building relationships is what is important.

That really stuck with me.

As a mother, I felt a special bond with Peninah and I fell in love with this family. When I came home I continued to support Ngorika and sponsor little Ian, David and Peninah’s son, who isn’t so little anymore!

It has been so exciting watching God at work at Ngorika through our church and through the family. What an amazing ministry!

I will never forget my time in Kenya at Ngorika, and I wish to visit again one day.

In His precious name,

Pam M.

BC, Canada