Thank-you to our Runners and Supporters!

Greetings, friends of Ngorika! Well, the summer has come and gone in our part of the world. With its departure, we turn our minds back to Ngorika Children’s Home.

We want to update all our friends of NCH as to the outcome of our last fundraiser for the Home, the TC10K and Boston Marathon runs.


boston16                                             TC10K-13


Firstly, we want to again thank the runners who so willingly helped out the Home by putting their efforts into canvassing friends, family and colleagues to give money to NCH.  Jointly, their efforts brought in almost $15,000.00 to our dwindling coffers!  

Yes, you read that correctly…$15 thousand! As a board, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of supporters and of many individuals who aren’t even well acquainted with Ngorika Children’s Home!

So, once again, thank-you for your generosity and willingness to come to the aid of Ngorika! We have more work to do, but it certainly makes us hopeful that we can have the boys continue on in their studies for the remainder of this school year and into the one to come…







Jan for  The NCH Board