Our Home Parents

Through the 1990’s, David, a Kenyan pastor, along with his wife Peninah, and in partnership with FEB International missionaries Mark and Catherine Buhler,  helped street children through school.

Now, David & Peninah’s focus is on children who have been orphaned through the AIDS crisis that has devastated Kenya. They strive to provide a home and a future for the children at Ngorika Children’s Home. The children attend local primary schools and secondary boarding schools and are well integrated into the family’s daily life.

David is the steadfast father to the children of Ngorika Children’s Home. He is also pastor, teacher and primary caregiver to them. In addition, he serves the surrounding community by some itinerant preaching  and  as a community elder.

Peninah, a trained nurse, is not only mother, but nurse and prayer warrior for the children. The faith and love that this couple models for the children is helping to rebuild their lives and giving to each one a hope for a better future.