Our Home Parents

David & Peninah

NCH Home Parents
 Through the 1990’s, David, a Kenyan pastor, along with his wife Peninah, ...

Our Advisory Board in Canada & the USA


Advisory Board Secretary
I am a teacher at a Christian school. I have visited Ngorika Children's Home extensively and am the chairperson on the advisory board.


I am a multi-cultural minister and mentor in a large city in western Canada. I have been involved with Ngorika leading up to and since its founding. I am a board member of NCH and bring historical and Kenyan cultural perspectives to the discussions.


I have skills as a bookkeeper and also as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). I have been to NCH twice. On the board I use my bookkeeping skills to assist with the finances as needed.


Alan has spent about 15 years in Kenya in a missionary capacity. He was our NCH overseer on the ground in Kenya for the last 2-3 years of his time there. He is now back in the US where he continues in his role as a teacher.

Pastor Shawn

Pastor Shawn shepherds a church in a small city in the province of BC, Canada. He and his wife and 3 children spent some time at Ngorika Children's Home in the summer of 2013.


I am a retired teacher/dietitian. I have visited Ngorika Children's Home once and also mentored a ladies' team to prepare them for a stay there. As an advisory board member, I am responsible for the sponsors of Ngorika as well as overseeing the website.