“On the Run” for Education!

I am on the move…literally! On April 27th, I will be running the Times Colonist 10K (TC10K) in Victoria. I have run a few races in the past, but this time I have a greater purpose than simply to aim for a “personal best”.

For the TC10K, a team of family/friends and I are running with a goal to raise funds for an orphanage in Kenya, Africa.

I have been to this orphanage and know the people who run it. My mom is also on the board of directors. The house parents are a wonderful African couple who oversee the care of 11 AIDS orphans as well as their own three children.

One of the goals of the home is to provide a quality education for each child that fits his/her own aspirations and abilities.

However, education is not cheap, even in Africa. Most of the children are now or soon will be at the age for secondary education. This means a boarding school, as they provide a better quality of education in Kenya.

Our vision is to send each of the children to the school that would best give them the education that meets their needs.

I would love to have you join us in our vision! To do this, you can sponsor me to run this race.”


Dr. Larry Ness

Dr. Larry Ness

Jerry Loeb

Jerry Loeb

Matt Ness

Dr. Matthew Ness

These were the words of one of the team members who ran the 2014 TC10K race in Victoria to raise funds for our NCH Education Fund.

We had 6 runners on Team Ngorika. With their excellent finishing times, we would have been close to winning a prize in the “team” category if I had entered them in that. Oh well…there is always another year… !

Those who ran for our team were: Matthew Ness, Lindsay Ness, Michael Ness, Jerry Loeb, Dr. Larry Ness and Dr. Kathleen McFadden. Mark Cryderman was our coach and I was the organizer, cheerleader and photographer.


Dr. Kathleen McFadden

Dr. Kathleen McFadden

At final count our team raised close to $4400.oo for the Education Fund.

We want to officially thank all those who gave to our cause.

Our NCH children will continue on in their education because of your generosity!

Jan  for Team Ngorika