TC10K 2016: They’re Off!

Part of Team Ngorika ran the TC10K on Sunday, April 24th. As usual, they were exceptional!

John Vanderveen set a new 10K PB at 35:50 and came in 4th in his age group.

Mark Cryderman (33:22) was second in his age group and 20th overall in the race.

Jerry Loeb (36:33) and Ann Kask were 7th in their respective age groups, while Dr. Matthew Ness pushed the first “stroller” across the finish line. Once he was able to get out of the crowd that he was obliged to start with, he FLEW! His daughters did not have time to get bored!

Dr. Larry Ness was the official photographer. Many thanks to him for that.

The Ngorika Children’s Home board would like to thank the runners for their willingness to run to raise education funds for the children at Ngorika. Also, many, many thanks to those who donated. And, for those who still would like to, it’s not too late to do so. The boys will be assured of another year of education because of your help!

Again, thank you SO much for your generosity!