Two months ago, a little four-year-old girl (K) told her mother that she wanted to try to help some children in the world who have very little. Her mother was familiar with Ngorika Children’s Home (NCH) and suggested to her daughter that she try to raise money for NCH.

Her mother has an online knitting business and enters her wares in a Christmas craft fair each year in late November. They decided that K would make some simple crafts to sell at her mother’s table at the craft fair. The idea was thus born and took flight! Fast forward two months later, and we have K marketing her Christmas tree ornaments and hot chocolate treats at the local craft fair.

Who can resist the charm and compassion of a little child?  No one!   And so, K was able to raise $350 with her simple ornaments and treats!

She and her mother want to thank all those who so kindly helped K out in her endeavour.

And, the Ngorika board want to thank K and her mother for their thoughtfulness and effort.  Well done, little K!