Run-For-The-Kids Fundraiser, October 2017

Greetings, friends of Ngorika! The Ngorika Children’s Home (NCH) board would like to thank all those who donated to our last fundraiser, the Run-for-the-Kids races held in October.

We had 9 runners on Team Ngorika who ran in two race events: the Good Life Fitness races in Victoria on the Thanksgiving weekend, and the Miracle Beach races at Miracle Beach, Vancouver Island, the following weekend. Collectively they raised $2400!

We want to thank them for stepping outside their comfort zones to approach friends, family and colleagues and ask for sponsorship for a run. And, we would also like to thank those who donated to our cause. Because of the efforts of  Team Ngorika and the generosity of the donors, the boys at Ngorika are assured of another year in shcool!

Below are photos of some of the runners, as well as special moments from the races. Enjoy!