Powerful Lessons of His Great Love


The CRBC Ladies Team

My time in Kenya was brief. Moments that struck me were powerful and life-altering. I had already seen a few government and privately run “homes” for AIDs orphans and other abandoned or rescued children in my short time in Kenya in the summer of 2010. I braced myself for similar sights, sounds, smells and overwhelming feelings as we drove into the Ngorika Children’s Home in Nakuru, Kenya.

A tall, giant of a man greeted us from the maize field growing near the driveway.

Our missionary guide, Mark Buhler, quietly whispered, “Ladies—that’s David”.

We stepped out into a beautiful yard equipped with private soccer field, gardens, chickens pecking the ground and the low sounds of mooing coming from the corral area. We were welcomed by David’s warm handshakes and by Peninah’s loving, open arms.

The children had not yet arrived home from school, so we were able to view the home and our own private quarters that the family had generously given up for our comfort.


As the boys and their sister arrived home from school, we were introduced. Pam and I– being introduced as Mama Quinton and Mama Chris (our oldest son’s names)– found ministry at the Ngorika home to be project-oriented.

We organized and distributed the gifts to each child from their sponsor home at Campbell River Baptist Church, painted several of the boys bedrooms with oil-based paint, and planted seeds of friendship with David and Peninah and their other team of two: Isaac, the hired man and Elizabeth , the domestic worker, who helped with cooking, cleaning and childcare.

The other half of our team were single, college-age girls from CRBC–Pamela Plantinga and Kristin Climie–whose duties included more one-on-one with the children…playing games, playing/refereeing soccer matches, teaching new board games sent from sponsors.

It was amazing to see the younger women of our team enter into the big sister/auntie roll with those beautiful kids and at the same time, it offered such a wonderful picture of the Church working together for the kingdom of God.

God used our team there, but also taught me a number of powerful lessons of His great love.

I was there to minister to them, but they were the ones who ministered to me.2010 KENYA L & P

I had arrived with what I thought was YEARS of experience in ministry, but found myself as one of those children –powerfully, yet intimately loved by a benevolent and empathetic Father God.

When David addressed his children and family from the Word of God, it was like there were no other people or distractions in the room.

Mouths were hushed, hearts were opened, lives were fed and (my) tears overflowed.

As we huddled together in the dining room listening to this humble pastor turned father of many, I saw a picture of my Heavenly Father such as I had not seen in a long time.

Please—go to Ngorika Children’s Home; help David and Peninah’s family. It will change your life.

Praise God.

Lynay D.
BC, Canada