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Kenyan Advisors to NCH

  There are three Kenyan nationals who share with the NCH advisory board their understanding of the Kenyan culture and norms as well as their life wisdom.


Alan has spent about 15 years in Kenya in a missionary capacity. He was our NCH overseer on the ground in Kenya for the last 2-3 years of his time there. He is now back in the US where he continues in his role as a teacher.

Pastor Shawn

Pastor Shawn shepherds a church in a small city in the province of BC, Canada. He and his wife and 3 children spent some time at Ngorika Children's Home in the summer of 2013.


I am a retired teacher/dietitian. I have visited Ngorika Children's Home once and also mentored a ladies' team to prepare them for a stay there. As an advisory board member, I am responsible for the sponsors of Ngorika as well as overseeing the website.


I am a multi-cultural minister and mentor in a large city in western Canada. I have been involved with Ngorika leading up to and since its founding. I am a board member of NCH and bring historical and Kenyan cultural perspectives to the discussions.