Ngorika Updater 2015

Ngorika Updater 2015 was held November 14th at Campbell River Baptist Church, BC. Mark Buhler, one of the original founders of Ngorika Children’s Home gave the opening address/devotional.

His address challenged any listeners to think through what they are doing with their sympathy over the incredible needs by so many in the world.

One of his quotes sums it up this way: Tears are necessary and a real part of our lives. But they need to spur us on towards action. As David Livingstone said, “Sympathy is no substitute for action.” Mark then thanked the sponsors assembled there for their faithful years of putting their sympathy into action for Ngorika Children’s Home.

To further show how the actions of the sponsors have made a difference in the lives of the children at NCH, the recent letters received by the sponsors from the children definitely held a recurring theme of thankfulness for their sponsors faithful financial and prayer support over the years. One line from one of these letters sums it up this way:

“God has been great to us as He has kept us in one love and through Him you have unceasingly extended your blessings to me and made my life hopeful. Thank you very much and may God bless you very much as you continue to bless others.”

And that sums up our Updater 2015!

Our thanks once again to all those in attendance for providing funds towards clothing, education and new tires for NCH.