Ngorika Children’s Home Gets Visitors

Question: What do you get when you send a photographer and a videographer to Ngorika Children’s Home?

Answer: many new photos and videos…and on their part, a respect for the work happening at NCH!

Pastor Jeff Germo and his brother-in-law, Vic Thiessen, spent a few days recently at NCH. Some of their photos I am sharing now and later I’ll post many more in a new album on this website.  Please enjoy the first of many more photos to come. If you haven’t already, you can catch more of the story on our Facebook page, Ngorika Children’s Home.

The two of them worked hard for 2 1/2 days getting to know the boys, taking photos and video and interviewing all of them.  They then spent Sunday going to church (16 in the van!) with them and out for lunch as a family.

In Jeff’s words, “What an amazing time we have had with these beautiful people. Thank you for your very generous hospitality and showing us what love looks like.”