A New Identity, a New Security, and a New Future…

My time at Ngorika has gifted me with numerous memories that I will cherish for the rest of my days. Not only did we find it to be a place of joy and love, it was also a place of such warm hospitality… David walks in such a gentleness and genuine faith… he embodies the gospel. I was hoping to encourage him and minister to him, but I found just being in his presence and seeing his faith and love in action left me on the receiving end.


My children also love David and Peninah. One of my daughters, who is quite shy, would grasp David’s hand when we were out walking. And all of my daughters would pepper him with endless questions arising from anything and everything that seemed new or different in Africa.

David never grew impatient or ignored them while talking to older more “important” people. Rather, he happily engaged them and would answer them all with the utmost patience…

When David learned how much my kids loved watermelon, he would make a special trip to the market nearly every day, to buy more for them; his generosity is remarkable.

Pastor Shawn boyL

Pastor Shawn boyF2The work at Ngorika is one of the purest expressions of the gospel I have ever seen. Without Ngorika, these boys would be in dire circumstances. Yet through the love, grace and unmerited generosity extended to them, their entire world and future has been changed.Pastor Shawn boyY

They have a new family, a new identity, a new security, and a new future…just like what Christ has done for us.

I found myself being moved again by the beauty of the gospel story extended to me by seeing it replayed in the lives of the boys who now call Ngorika their home.

Pastor Shawn
July 2013