History & Triumphs

2000: Missionary Jim Harding, David’s adoptive father, is bequeathed a sum of money by an elderly lady. He uses the money for the purchase of the first acre of land for NCH (Ngorika Children’s Home) to be built on.

2000: David and Peninah, along with Africa Inland Mission missionaries Mark and Catherine Buhler, begin plans for NCH.M & C WITH D & P

2001-2004: Plans are drafted for the home, fundraising is done, 1 more acre of land is purchased and construction of NCH is completed.

2/ 2004: NCH opens its doors and Abraham and Anthony, the first 2 boys, come to make it home.

2005: Charles arrives at NCH.

2006-2009: Ayub, Gregory, Mahlon, Michael, Peter and Stephen join the NCH family.

2009: Calvary Medical Clinic is built to allow Peninah to work close to home and to provide medical care to the community. The Hardings, David’s adoptive family while growing up, make this possible.2013 JP PHOTO CALVARY CLINIC SIGN

2010: In January, Benjamin and Francis come to live at NCH

2010: Fundraising for a much-needed well is done by people in BC. Some of the money is raised by runners on Vancouver Island.

2011: The money for the well is all in. The well is dug (160 metres down). Water flows for the first time on December 20th, just in time for Christmas.

4/2011: A third chid is born to David and Peninah.P1000731babyivy

7/2011: AIM missionary Alan Bouchard takes over partnership with NCH as Mark & Catherine Buhler move back to Canada for ministry in Vancouver.

Fall 2011: NCH formally establishes an advisory board.

1/2012: Shade gardens are built in partnership with the ministry Harvests of Hope.2014 D & JP' S PHOTOS SHADE GARDEN2

7/ 2012: David’s 20th year of ministry to orphans and street children in Nairobi is celebrated.

2013: The biogas project is revived to provide a “green” fuel source for cooking meals.

2013: Through donations, another dairy cow is purchased to provide additional milk for the family and fuel for the biogas project at NCH.2014P1060648 copy

2013: Dr. Kimberley, a family physician, visits Ngorika with her husband and young family to assist Peninah at Calvary Medical Clinic.

2014: The home is totally tiled to improve health, hygiene, and durability of the floors.

2014: One of the boys is invited to attend one of Kenya’s top government schools – Moi Forces Academy in Nairobi.