Christmas 2019 Fundraisers

Hot chocolate + specialty coffees + wood ornaments + one family = a wonderful time.

One Saturday in December, the Ness family came together to use their creative energies to make some wood slice ornaments as a fundraiser for Ngorika Children’s Home. The preliminary work had already been done: Matthew located just the right kind of branch out in the forest; Papa Ness cut the slices, sanded them and drilled holes in them; Nana Ness oven dried them, scrounged up lots of Christmas stamps and bought the paints, ties, pens and brushes. Then the fun began!

Some of the artists hand-drew a few ornaments, others painted and stamped. When Papa had finished with making hot chocolate for the little people and coffees for the bigger people, he and his granddaughters watched a few versions of Baby Shark on YouTube.

In the end, they finished up with 72 beautiful ornaments. They are available by donation…but hurry, they are going FAST…