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“On the Run” for Education!

"Greetings! I am on the move...literally! On April 27th, I will be running the Times Colonist 10K (TC10K) in Victoria. I have run a few races in the past, but this time I have a greater purpose than simply to aim for a “personal best..."

A New Identity, a New Security, and a New Future…

"My time at Ngorika has gifted me with numerous memories that I will cherish for the rest of my days. Not only did we find it to be a place of joy and love, it was also a place of such warm hospitality... David walks in such a gentleness and genuine faith..."

Things Don’t Always Go as Planned

"I watched, I learned, I experienced the beauty of Ngorika Children's Home. It was my first trip to Africa. I was following the Lord’s leading to assist there as needed, using the skills I had, that of bookkeeping and of a practical nurse..."

Powerful Lessons of His Great Love

A tall, giant of a man greeted us from the maize field growing near the driveway. Our missionary guide, Mark Buhler, quietly whispered, "Ladies—that's David"...

Watching God at Work at Ngorika

"When I found out that we would be visiting "Ngorika Children's Home" I had an idea in my head of what that would look like. Was I ever surprised..."