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198.5 Thousand Cans and Counting…

With his signature grin, Al Ruff states to me, "It's not like work. It's just such a blessing to us!"

Run-For-The-Kids Fundraiser, October 2017

Because of the efforts of Team Ngorika and the generosity of the donors, the boys at Ngorika are assured of another year in shcool!

Ngorika Children’s Home Gets Visitors

"What an amazing time we have had with these beautiful people. Thank you for your very generous hospitality and showing us what love looks like."

Thank-you to our Runners and Supporters!

Thank-you for your generosity and willingness to come to the aid of Ngorika!

TC10K 2016: They’re Off!

Part of Team Ngorika ran the TC10K on Sunday, April 24th. As usual, they were exceptional ...