Recently, we received a letter from our second Ngorika Children’s Home young man to start university. What a delight to hear from him and to see his maturity!  Please continue to be in prayer for him. It’s a huge transition in his life. He seems to be weathering it well and for that we are very thankful!  Please note that we try to keep the young mens’ names private in order to guard their privacy and security; I have therefore deleted his name.  Now, here is what he wrote to us:

“May 29, 2018

Dear NCH Family,

Hello, this is ____. I am writing this letter to share with you my progress as I cherish the joy of the Lord in my heart. How is Canada? Here in Nairobi it’s been raining. I have got to get used to this new weather here that is unlike in Nakuru.

I feel privileged to have been able to join KCA University during the May intake which was only a few months after clearing my high school studies. I know very well without your hand in support this could not have be possible as it came so soon.

I am taking a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. I have adjusted quite fast. We started lessons just four days after admission. Although my dream course had been, and still is, a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, I was able to settle to take software engineering after accepting that we might desire different things in life, but God’s plan upon our life is the best. As it is in Jeremiah 29:11, I understand He has the best plans for my life. Great thanks to Ngorika Children’s Home which made me understand this very well, as discussed with dad and Teacher Mwende who reminded me of their life stories.

Currently, I am doing quite well in school. The lectures are quite friendly and easy to relate with too. I have made friends among my classmates and schoolmates including meeting several former schoolmates on the same campus. This has made my life in KCA University quite productive.

I stay in a hostel outside the school. KCA does not have its own students’ hostel so dad and mom (*Note: his NCH home parents) helped me secure a place in one of the hostels outside the school. We are four in a cube.

I believe that with God’s help I will be able to pursue this course and be successful. My love for computers is being fulfilled in one way or another. This is just proving more and more that God’s plan for our lives is still the best, as I enjoy everything that I do and am being taught.

I confess that I still cannot do it on my own. I want to extend a hand of thanksgiving to you for supporting me through this challenging stage. I also acknowledge that the Lord has taken me through each and every step and hence I see success ahead. I pray that you continue supporting me as the Lord showers you with his abundant blessings.



This young man has 4 years of study ahead of him. A donor stepped forward to ensure that he had the necessities to begin his course, but we still could use help with his tuition. If you feel led to help, go to our DONATE page above and  donate to his post-secondary education. You can donate specifically to him. Just mention in the comment section that it is for the fellow in the IT program at university. Thanks in advance for your support!